Unlock it,unplug it…

Before I can drive the car I need to give it some juice. I’ve forgotten to put the parking permit into the car and I’ll have a parking ticket before you know it. There is a strict order of events for charging the car. I just need to unlock it, unplug it, put the parking permit in, lock it, plug it in… and don’t set the blowers off. Click on the image to view video


  1. You’ve got me hooked on the story! Living in Los Angeles, I have dreams of an electric car future! Unfortunately here in the smog capital of the USA, we began building the infrastructure and selling the cars until the laws requiring development of electric cars changed. Now we’re left with a patchy charging infrastructure for cars that don’t exist anymore!

    Can’t wait to see you drive this thing.


  2. Thanks Ryan,

    We had similar problems here up until recently with Ford scrapping the Think! car. I think London is the only city here in the UK that you can buy the Reva commercially, but we’re seeing more on the roads now. I think there are 200 about.

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