A think got me thinking (sorry..) yesterday about the new model that’s coming to our shores in the near future. Looks like it’ll be a great little car but there’s a question mark over charge times. With a Wiz you can do an 80% battery charge in 2 hours – something we often need to do. I’m not sure the new Think will have this facility. Click on the image to view video (3.5 meg QT).



  1. I had one of those for a short time around 2001 here in California… The charging time was similar to what you describe for the Reva… IIRC, it would charge 80% in 2 or 3 hours, then finish off the rest in another 2 or 3. They have Ni-Cd batteries, so the range is a little better than the typical Lead-acid EV. I often got around 45 miles per charge with mixed city & freeway driving.

  2. Yes. They seemed pretty good. Looking forward to seeing the new one. What happened to yours? Did they crush it?

  3. Ford wanted to crush the small number of Th!nks it leased to the public, but after local EV clubs started staging protests, and Greenpeace got involved, the global news media started covering the story. After the Greenpeace protest, Ford agreed to send the cars back to Norway instead of crushing them. They were then sold to the public over there. I know of one guy in San Francisco who has since re-imported one of the cars and is keeping it. Here is a YouTube video of a newscast from 2002 covering the story. (This is one of the local San Francisco protests before the Greenpeace one at Ford’s Norway headquarters)

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