1. Great video and great to hear that the Eclectic might come to London. Photovoltaics will work in overcast conditions – they just don’t generate as much juice. More importantly, the Eclectic will need some mudguards to be legal on UK roads (and to stop the rear passengers getting a faceful of puddle). Doors might be an idea too.

  2. Hi Danny. I’ve written a story about the Eclectic and other electric cars for the South Korean citizen reporters’ journal OhmyNewsInternational.

    May I please have permission to offer them your August 30 photo of the car as an illustration?

    Best wishes, Eric (in Sydney, Australia).

  3. Sure Eric, no problem. Could you get me a copy of the article when it’s finished?

  4. Sure, Danny. Please tell me your email address. I googled your name and was pleased to learn that you too are Australlian!

  5. danny at contentmentww dot com I’m not that Danny Fleet by the way!

  6. Dear Sir,

    I saw with great interest the video of the Venturi Eclectic car and wish to ask whether it is possible to test the car personally.

    Do you have any further improvements?

    I am interested in importing this type of vehicle to our island in Malta and wish to verify their possibility before doing so.

    Can you possibly afford some time for me please?

    Thank you

    Best regards
    Paul Mallia

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