Nice Car Company goes into administration

I’ve heard that Nice Car Company are going out of business. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case. I’ve been following their fortunes along with those of goingreen who sell the GWiz since I started this vlog in spring 2005. If it’s true then it’s a huge blow to the electric car industry here in the UK. Whilst the major manufactures are asking for bailouts in the UK and US, smaller innovative businesses are left to go broke. We’ve had empty promises for years from the larger car makers and the Government.  All in the same week that the climate change report states that electric cars are the only way for a sustainable transport solution…



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  2. We are taking on the distribution of the car and will be able to offer servicing facilities.

  3. Thanks Jamie, Good to see someone has taken that on. Last thing we need is a load of stranded mega citys gathering dust!

  4. ‘ Toyota Camry is a car that is innovative yet has a broad mainstream appeal. This is one of the toughest tasks facing any automaker. The Camry is the one car rival automakers all wish they could build. It offers something for nearly everyone- performance, efficiency and space- at a price most Americans can afford’, magazine Editor- in- Chief, Angus MacKenzie, said in a statement. The Japanese car maker offers the Camry in various models- with a regular four cylinder engine, or a sporty V- 6 that enables it…

  5. I’ve been told that many of the mega city Nice Cars are beginning to have battery problems, and to sort it out will cost £4000.After approx two years at 10K a go, no wonder
    they failed to sell enough vehicles,and went bankrupt.Furthermore it looks like we’ve been sold a pup anyway.I thought their batteries were meant to last years.Of course none of this was mentioned in the marketing literature.It would be cheaper running an old Rolls at this rate and a lot more comfortable.What a con.

  6. It is a disgrace that the British government has been so lacking in investing in the green auto sector. While some of the commentators above have had their porblems with the Nice Car Company, these could have been ironed out in time, if it had been supported during this difficult period. Huge amounts of taxpayers’ money and tax write-offs have gone into the traditional car sector over the decades. But governments have yet to catch up with the fact that that era is now over, and they must now help small companies in their own countries to create a new green auto sector which will replace the jobs they are so wedded to in the traditional auto industry.

  7. I really don’t think there is really any future for wholly electric EV’s and the government knows this. Batteries are a nightmare – expensive and Co2 costly to produce and dangerous to dispose of. Range is limited and gets progressively worse as time goes by. Freezing in winter and hot in summer with neither satisfactory heating or air-conditioning. I don’t think electric vehicle technology has progressed much since the days of the milk float.

  8. It has now been confirmed that the manufacturer of the Mega City vehicles,Aixam Mega, has taken over the activities of Nice Car Company. This happened in January and the company is still continuing to operate from the Nice Car premises off Ladbroke Grove. All warranty work will still be carried out under the manufacturers terms and conditions.
    Aixam Mega have taken on some of the staff from Nice Car to make the change as seamless as possible.
    They are available to respond to any enquiries for servicing and warranty on vehicles that have been sold by Nice Car Company.


  9. It is certainly true that the range of these Mega City cars is poor. No where near the 40 miles quoted, especially in winter.

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