Tango vs Tesla Drag Race


Jorg, my Tango owning friend has posted this great video of a drag race between a Tango and a Tesla EV. Not any old cars, but the fastest production electric vehicles in the world. Check out these times;

“In this race, the Tango got 92.15mph in 14.480 seconds, beating its 14.7 “dial” handicap and thus losing the competition; the Tesla got 101.23mph in 14.666 seconds, slower than its 14.5 “dial” handicap and allowing it to proceed to the next round. (Two rounds later, the Tango’s driver got behind the wheel of the Tesla and also beat its “dial” handicap… and thus lost!)”


  1. LOL! What fun video to watch- hopefully a harbinger of things to come;-)

  2. To the CEO’s of FORD! GM! CHRYSLER!

    BE ASHAMED!! Why are you not on the forefront of this research? Why do we have to get peeks of hand-built electric cars instead of seeing the collective brilliance from the engineers at your shops? WhY? Please tell me it’s not because you are squelching the technology… Please tell me it’s not because you’re in bed with big oil… If a couple of computer geeks (no offense intended) can build the beautiful Tesla, WHY can’t you giant car companys create and sell affordable cutting edge electric cars??

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