Koenigsegg NLV Quant. Talking to Christian Von Koenigsegg.

I got to have a good chat with Christian von Koenigsegg about the NLV Quant. Solar paint charges this thing up! When it’s not resting and charging it’ll reach 100km in 5.2 secs with a 275kmh top speed. 512 BHP. Seats 4 adults and as much space as an S class…Click on the image to view video.



  1. Thanks for this interview. I had seen mention of this car elsewhere and even visited their website, but managed to learn nothing of substance previous to your vid.

    The Solar thin film is cool but in practical terms not efficient enough to make much difference. The key, as he said is their battery technology. If sounded to my ear like he might have been talking about a chemical flow battery. I had only read about those on a larger utility grid node scale – and still not quite cost-effective there, but maybe for a cost-no-object-if-cool-enough application the power density is appealing vs. L cells. Very interesting.

  2. Wow, this all looks and sounds very exciting.

    I’m intriguied by the idea of applying redox flow battery technology to electric cars. According to Wikipedia, “the energy densities vary considerably but are, in general, rather low compared to portable batteries, such as the Li-ion.”, which makes me wonder what kind of breakthroughs they’re counting on to make it comparable with li-ion.

    If they had the technology working today, wouldn’t they be using it to revolutionize mainstream transportation instead of relegating it to a niche exotic car concept?

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Thanks for the interview.
    This is a concept car and it does not have to actually work.

    Koenigsegg is a very small company and has not the capacity to build this car in large series.
    If the Saab purchase materializes, then Koenigsegg could have the facility to buid it in large serie.

    What is amazing is the 500Km range of the car, due to its FAES (Flow Accumulator Energy Storage) which seams something out of a Science Fiction movie. The NVL site does not mention anything of substance obout their Flow Accumulator Energy Storage. I think that the FAES is an exorbitantly expensive subystem that can only fit in a luxury expensive car.
    At a weight of 450 Kg it cannot possibly be unexpensive.

    Another amazing claim is the unlimited charging cycles.

    The fast charge claim is not new and it requires an industrial three phase charger which is not available in anyone’s garage.

    The so called “solar car” is provided with a layer of thin film PV cell covering the car’s body and windows, with an efficiency of 38% and up to 50%. This is used only for stereo and accessories, not for charging the batery, even in a hot climate region.

    Taking into account all the claims of the designer, and the fact that Koenigsegg is a small luxury car manufacturer I supose this car, if it will ever see the production will not never be a car for the masses.

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