I’ve never driven the IMIEV

Never quite had the chance yet, even if it looks a great family car. But today Mitsubishi announced pricing for this vehicle – over £33 grand! Yes thats £33,699. Incredible, for a small 4 seater. The ICE version is a shade under £9 grand! (and that’s not cheap in this sector). I understand that these cars will come down in price, but how can they ever expect to be taken seriously with luxury car launch prices and limited range.

I really hope this isn’t the start of ridiculously expensive electric cars in the UK, or anywhere else. Another reason to keep us in the gwiz for now!

Heres some footage I got of the Sport and the regular Imiev in Geneva

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  1. Hi Danny- good to see your v-blogs back and running;-) Not sure why your email was returned, unless I fumble-fingered it last time- not unusual!
    Like the look of the IMiev- but, as you pointed out, pricey for now- unfortunately, almost any Li-Ion powered car is going to be north of $35,000 dollars until either economies of scale kick in, or a better battery technology arrives (I keep driving by Eestor, but EESU’s yet;-)
    On a side note, I got a glimpse of the Chevy Volt here in Austin last week- it is a nice looking car- sadly, no test drive for Paul- found out about it a day too late:-(

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