EV’s set to depreciate 90% in five years

There’s been an investigation into EV Values based on 5 years of ownership here in the UK by Glass’s guide who track used care prices. Based on an average £8000 outlay to replace batteries which will need replacing after eight years, the car will be worth just 10% of its original value, and far below its diesel or petrol equivalents.  They’ve based their research on cars such as the forthcoming Nissan Leaf with a starting price of £23,000 after utilising the £5000 Government subsidy. You can read the article here. Heck, maybe I’ll be able to afford that Tesla in 2014 after all….

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  1. Ahh- new look to the web site- I like it!

    Sadly, while I think the study is giving a worse case scenerio for this, unfortunately, there is still a lot of unknowns in the future EV resell market- and a lot has to do with the batteries- if they last 10-12 years, then things look up a bit. And if battery prices come down, or even plummet, it looks a lot better. Still- it [i]would[\i] be nice to pick up a Tesla for a song;-) It will be interesting to see how this type of concern may drive come potential EV owners to an EREV like the Volt (or Ampera there in the UK), especially given GM’s almost extreme treatment of the battery pack as opposed to the Leaf’s reportedly little in the way of battery pack management. Oh well! Time will tell.

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