Renault Fluence ZE Electric DRIVING FOOTAGE

Trusty Tom from the office went to Paris and got some great footage of the Fluence ZE being driven yesterday, along with help from Lem over at Green Motor (thanks Lem). This is the better place car in action and it looks mightily impressive. A real four seater family car with (some) boot space being driven on public roads, that isn’t drop dead ugly! Thought I’d never see the day.. Keep an eye out for the ZE blog and also the sustainable mobility site where news and interviews are regularly posted by Renault. Click on the image to view video.


  1. More footage of the Fluence- very good! Sounds like the car is designed to hit the now ubiquitous 100 mile range that other EVs seem to be attaining, along with similar charging times. As more EVs come out with similar specs, it will be interesting to what sets each one apart from its EV peers. What did ‘Trusty Tom’ think of the driving experience?

  2. to ‘see’… (arrgghh! bad typing skills!)

  3. Hi Paul,

    The driving experience was very good indeed, it felt very smooth. Nice and controlled around the corners. With the large battery I thought it might be sluggish but it had a surprisingly large amount of acceleration. If it wasn’t for the silence the performance could have tricked me into thinking it was a normal ICE car.

  4. Thanks for the report, Tom! Sadly, Texas is too far from either coast to see much in the way of EVs this early in the game:-( So I do appreciate y’all’s videos- keep up the good work;-)

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