Nemesis – The “Wind Car” from Dale Vince

I was at LCV2010 this week. It was a great gathering of much of what is going on with Electric Vehicles here in the UK. Whilst I was there I stumbled across the Wind Car that Dale Vince from Ecotricity is building. The cars out and about now and I got the chance to grab Jim, chief engineer for a chat.

Click on the image to view video.

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  1. I remember you 2-part interview with Dale Vince a few months or so ago- they did good getting their EV up and running- looks like a fun drive;-)

    I’ve said it before, but I really like your RKO type of opening- it elicits memories of my childhood, watching old movies on the TV- for some reason the RKO opening was alway a favorite of mine- like its radio transmitter was broadcasting to points unknown- revved up the imagination about how far we could go. I also get the same feeling when I hear a telephone modem, remembering when I first connected a computer to a wider world- it was amazing- still is.

    But now I’m rambling- maybe my kids are right and I am getting old! Good interview, though- thanks;-)

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