1. LOL! I can’t tell if this is an example of “a rose by any other name…” or the EV version of “the Emperor’s new clothes.”

    Enjoyed the video;-)

  2. As a French, I feel ashamed that PSA Peugeot-Citroën which was the leader in electric cars 10 years ago (more than 10,000 built) now only manages to put its logo on a Japanese car.

    They had done it before with a small SUV. The Peugeot 4007 is a twin to the Mitsubishi Outlander, but at least, they gave it a different front end, whereas the I-MiEV, the Ion and the C-Zero are identical besides a very small logo.

    The good news come from the Citroen Survolt and the Peugeot BB1, they show that there are still some people working on electric drives at the French manufacturer. But nobody expects these concepts at a dealer anytime soon.

    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve added you to my blogroll too. Nice site.

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