Gordon Murray talks T25

Back in November I grabbed some footage of cars arriving in London at the end of the RAC Future Car Challenge on Regent Street. I got a few words with the great Gordon Murray (as in the McLaren F1 designer) – and he is a man of few words. He’s gone green and designed and built an urban city car. The T25. Now, I know its an ICE vehicle but it does form the basis of the far more exciting T27 EV. So click on the image and watch me struggle through an interview with one of the greats where I’m doing it on the fly.


  1. He did get a bit enthusiastic when talking about weight reduction.

  2. Mr Murray did seem a bit of a serious sort, didn’t he? Were there specs available on the ICE version? Are both the T25 and upcoming T27 NEVs, or are they highway capable? The ICE version might be a Smart Car competitor- good until EVs become more capable and widespread.

    1. Not too sure on the Specs for T25 Paul. Its a great little car though, and he firmly believes it could transform urban mobility. Should be ok on the motorway, if a bit hairy! Take a look at the link for Gordon Murray design in my text, It’ll take you through to their website with all the details.

  3. Ah- yeah, I see it now, though not much info on the T25- thought since they are just developting it to license to others, and seems configurable for 1-3 passengers, it may be hard to quantify its performance specs.

    They had a bit more info on the T27 EV- it has a small battery pack- just over 12KWh- that’s even smaller the one in the Volt/Ampera. But, it shows the advantage of a small, very light-weight design, with a range equal to that of the Leaf. And with battery costs being the big bugaboo for EVs, this is not a bad way to go for the next few years;-)

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