Mercedes Benz branded short film causing a stir

Mercedes have produced a 5 minute short film on You Tube (the worlds 2nd biggest search engine.) It’s a lovely piece of branded content that is gaining great exposure. As sited in a recent Nielson Auto report…”Over the years, Benz has benefited from the highest paid visibility against model keywords and the highest visibility for nonbranded luxury keywords, but it fell five spots from last year’s digital ranking. One reason behind this could be the changing of the times. Energy efficiency has come to the forefront, as brands like Volkswagen commit to offering electric versions of all models by 2030 and 29% of customers prefer alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines, up from 20% the previous year. Meanwhile, the fully electric Tesla Model 3 is soaring in popularity across the nation, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto.”

Carmakers could now be considering long form content in their planning. We have access to some of the best writers and filmmakers working in this field. Contact us to find out more.