Carmakers plan VR for boredom free Autonomous Car journeys.

Audi and Nissan are planning to use in vehicle VR for long driverless journeys.

Holoride, an Audi subsidiary, has demonstrated how it wants to turn road trips into virtual reality experiences. Passengers can swim with Whales or through sunken ships in the deep sea while on a drive. As the car accelerates or steers sideways, movements are logged by a computer installed in the cars boot which adjusts the passengers view in the VR goggles. This will reduce the possibility of motion sickness.

Nissan have showcased a set of goggles for drivers and passengers that could deliver real time information and project a talking cartoon character that communicates with the wearer. “We want to fulfill peoples emotional needs” said Tetsuro Ueda, expert leader at the Nissan Research Centre.

Virtual experiences will be deployed when the industry reaches Level 4, or fully autonomous standards. At this stage, the vehicle will be able to handle all aspects of driving in most circumstances with no human intervention.

Video of Audi and Holoride at CES 2019

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