Some ideas for EV adoption by customers…

Using Australian research, to kick the automotive industry into gear three issues must be resolved:

  1. Education and awareness – With only 16% of people believing that they are adequately informed about electric vehicles there is a real opportunity for the automotive industry to educate them regarding the unique benefits of electric vehicles. There are mixed results when it comes to awareness of brands offering electric cars – 16 % of respondents called out Tesla, 11% Toyota, and 5% BMW, Nissan and Hyundai. Interestingly, when asked to select a brand they thought sold electric vehicles in Australia, 23% selected brands which don’t and 12% reported no manufacturers sell these types of cars in Australia.
  2. Perceived value – 79% of Australians said price was the key factor to entice them to purchase an electric vehicle. As many as 50% said they would pay only $20-$30K. This is a major barrier to sales considering vehicles at the lower end, such as a Hyundai IONIQ retail from $45K plus on road costs, while a Nissan Leaf costs around $50K. It is, therefore, no surprise that luxury car buyers are driving electric vehicle sales as they can afford to pay the premium.
  3. Vehicle range and infrastructure – As many as 47% of people believe electric vehicles can only travel 100-300 kms before recharging. Yet, despite most people claiming to drive less than 80kms a day, the dangers of running out of charge on long road trips is a major deterrent to purchase. Furthermore, 77% of Australians say the lack of public infrastructure is another key deterrent. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are only 800 charging stations in Australia, compared to over 6,000 petrol stations.

This is based on research by Nielson on Australian Consumers

Real-time image creation: A new wave of experiences for car buyers

Shots magazine have produced an excellent article about where creative is heading to entice the car buyer into the new car;

With the landscape changing for the automotive industry, how are car brands using creative technology to entice potential customers? Chris Christodoulou explains… 

The automotive industry landscape is changing. Rather than a shiny new state-of-the-art car, we’re much more likely to buy a second, third or even sixth-hand vehicle online. 

Audi White City

In fact, new car registrations were down 6.8% in 2018. The result? A sharp decline in dealership visits. That’s why automotive brands have been amongst the most innovative in going beyond traditional advertising.

Brands are going a step further when it comes to personalising the retail experience… into richer, more engaging experiences built with real-time technology.

Over the last decade, automotive brands have been personalising online experiences using CGI. London’s first all-digital showroom, Audi City, is perhaps the most high profile example. Visitors can research, build and interact with their ‘dream car’ via large screens, showing life-size cars in every conceivable design. This approach created greater dealership visits and increased that showroom’s sales because the experience was so rich. You can read the rest of this excellent article here

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Cross Shopping for EV buyers

There’s some interesting facts on about EV buyer habits. At the start of the research process almost 25% are considering the Hyundai Kona Electric. That figure drops to 16.2% by the time they’re ready to buy. The Nissan Leaf, by contrast, starts as the second most considered rival at 15.5% and strengthens to 17.3% by the end of the process to become the strongest challenger. We wonder why this could be. Is it perhaps that the Leaf was first to market and EV adopters feel more comfortable with a more established vehicle?

Thinking of shifting to an Electric Car?

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