Filming emerging from Covid.

Primetime EV has the knowledge and capability to navigate filming through the crisis. We benefit from years of collective global production experience and resources.

Whilst we navigate the spread of the virus, the global production community is adapting quickly to changes. We are holding weekly online production meetings with over 150 Producers to share information. We have the latest updates on where we can film safely, the latest legal advice and production insurance implications. We also have an extensive list of locations and suppliers including filming appropriate PPE when required, that are opening up in the UK. 

Beyond the obvious safe animation / studio production, around the rest of the world, as of May 20, our directors are shooting in Norway and we are following countries closely as they begin to open up again for production.

A series of tax incentives have been made available to shoot in Spain and we have directors on the ground in Turkey and South Africa who are able to shoot.

Contact Exec Producer  Danny Fleet to get the latest information on where you can safely produce content at scale using the best crew and safe shoot environments for everyone.

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We make films and animation about cars, clean energy and clean transport. Working with some of the best advertising strategists, creatives and directors in the business, we can get your brand in front of an audience that want the right information delivered in a way that informs, inspires and entertains.


People are asking a lot of questions about clean transport and clean energy… They use video to help them get answers.

We started reporting stories of innovation in 2005 as one of the first UK video blogs about Electric Cars called Dannys Contentment. This helped us understand the emerging online video landscape and the shift to cleaner transport.

As audience numbers increased, the automotive brands and the energy suppliers took an interest and we were soon covering international electric car launches and motor shows.

Since then, we have been able to gather a huge amount of information about how and why audiences are considering electric vehicles, and what helps makes them jump over to clean transport.

At the same time we have been making commercials and advertising content across a broad range of categories winning awards at Cannes Lions, D&AD and British Arrows for our work.

This gives us access to some of the best advertising creatives, strategists and film directors all over the world.

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We’ve made hundreds of films about clean transport and clean energy over the last decade. In that time we have been introduced to the electric vehicle community globally. Our network of premium CGI animators, directors, cinematographers and immersive content makers gives us access to some of the best automotive and documentary creators in the world. Have a look at the research & vlogs page to see some of our published content.

Automotive Showreel
Audi Imagination
Toyota Auris Hybrid
BMW i8 Car Challenge

Research & Vlogs


MD & Producer: Danny Fleet

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