The GWiz has a competitor on the streets of London. The Maranello4 is a 2 seater and is available in pure electric or hybrid electric versions. The electric model has a top speed of 30 mph, a range of 45-50 miles and starts at £9950.  Masterpark (the Westminster owned car parks where we get to park at a reduced rate) had an electric vehicle event yesterday and I got to have a good look at the car. Click on the image to view video (2 mins 20 sec. 10.7 meg QT)

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  1. would be interested to know if you would consider the maranello4 when you are thinking about replacing your g-wiz

  2. I liked it, I thought it had a better driver environment and more space, but the lack of 4 seats, top speed and the price would make me continue with the g-wiz. Several manufacturers seem to be working on new models at the moment and competition for the g-wiz will only get hotter. It will be interesting to see what is about in a couple of years.

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