Volvo C30 Electric

A look around the Volvo C30 all electric with one of Volvo’s Product Managers (poor bloke – spent my whole time telling him to stand here, move there..). I’m liking this car a lot. It seems to have ticked all the boxes and even comes fully loaded with those great Volvo safety features. Click on the image to view video.


  1. Another EV joins the fray! Well- looks like the same size battery pack as the Leaf, but a little less advertised range- either the car is heavier (likely, given Volvo’s history- weight = safety), or they are being more careful with the battery- or both. It will be interesting (and helpful!) once more EVs are actually being sold in volume, so some real-world comparisons can be done. I’m sure, like the ICE vehicles, there will be trade-offs in areas of performance- and some will just be better-built, better-designed- but we just won’t know for sure for awhile;-)

    And the Volvo Product Manager- either I am getting a lot older, or he is really, really young! He looked like a High Schooler! (sadly, my thinning pate probably indicates which scenario is most likely;-)

    Thanks for another video, Danny!

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