A few of the readers from EV World have shown an interest in starting a vlog so I thought I’d let you know what I know. The best place to start is at Freevlog. They will guide you through the process of starting to vlog with a series of really informative films. The other great… Continue reading Videoblogging

It’s arrived!

5 months waiting and the car is finally here. They come off the ship, are taken to a base where the car is registered and the road tax is applied for (no charge for road tax on electric vehicles).  Then it’s delivered. Apologies for the wobbly cam – think I was a bit overexcited!  Click… Continue reading It’s arrived!

Congested charges pt 2

So, I got there in the end. Seems as though it can happen over the phone…Alternative fuel technologies and call centres don’t always mix. By the way they put the charge up to £8 per day yesterday. Click on the image to view video.

Congested charges

So I’m having trouble already… Congestion charging is a scheme where we all pay £5 per day to enter central London unless we drive an alternative fuel vehicle. They didnt seem keen to accept that I can arrange this over the phone. Click on the image to view video

Our Electric Car

I’m buying an electric car and i’m planning to share the experience of ownership in a vlog. This vlog will chart the purchase and running of an electric car day to day in central London.