The Tango. A trip. Part 1.

Jorg’s a lucky man. He gets to drive a Tango to work each day. I was lucky enough to get a trip in the car with him. The film is in 2 parts with the second part below.
Part 1. First look at the car. Part 2. Take it on the freeway and open it up.
Thanks Jorg. It was a lot of fun. Click on the image to view video.



  1. The price of the alturnative fuel cars is scary. In the u.s.a. the cost the non fosiel fuel cars is out ragious.Can any thing be done to keep the cost down so every auto owner can owna non fosiel fuel car?

  2. That Has 2 Be The Ugliest Car I Have Ever Seen..
    But That Does Look Like Fun.. Lol
    It Would Feel Like I’m Driving In That Apple Car From That Old Cartoon. “The Busy World Of Richard Scary”

  3. this car is incredibly ugly. i like big cars that waste more gas than the plant can produce. yes i am not a tree hugging environmentalist. i eat animals like crazy and cars should not be put to production. it is a real shame that someone could drive this. a 454 rumbles so nice. and this car is just a waste of the materials used to build it. have fun and i hope you dont tip over on this thing. by the way, wouldnt it just be easier to buy a motorcycle and save yourself the enbarrasment i mean they are friendly to the environment and you dont get pointed at.. ha

  4. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

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