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I guested on an episode of transport evolved recently. Good fun, but I realise that I’m not that techy when it comes to electric car talk. Guess I’m a bit more consumer oriented. “Looks really nice, goes a long way, is cheap / expensive” – that kind of thing. But these guys know what they are on about and Nikki does a great job of bringing together people involved in the forefront of Ev development. Check out their video feed here and audio feed here.

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  1. I enjoyed the show- been meaning to listen in on one of Nikki’s shows for awhile anyway. I liked the chat about the delivery trucks, and the very different view a delivery company will take on the total cost of ownership. I have thought for awhile that such businesses would be the logical place for early EV penetration, and was excited a couple of years back when Smith Electric (name?) was partnering with Ford. I used to work for the Post Office here in Austin, and thought the same thing abou them- the many dozens of start and stops would make it an ideal environment for EVs, even more so than other delivery services. It would would almost be unfair if my former co-workers get to drive an EV on a daily basis before me;-)

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