Shifting to WordPress…

I’m in the process of shifting this site over to WordPress. The plan is to have a more user friendly site where you can view a wider range of video file options etc. Trouble is, to better understand WordPress, I’m trying to do it myself. That’s why there is only some video! Should have everything… Continue reading Shifting to WordPress…

Permissions please

Did an interview with CNN last week as part of a piece on the G-wiz. They wanted to film me driving around in ‘the style of my vlog’. I asked if I could host it on my site for all and sundry – but to no avail – they wanted £1000 for the usage. Didn’t… Continue reading Permissions please

Videoblogging fest

Interesting article in the Guardian today citing the power of our ‘videoblogging’ media.  Rocketboom get a big mention. Great to see that Britain might be waking up to the capability of vlogging. But where are you Brits? All you need is a camera and a pc. Register yourselves on vlogmap and go for it!


A few of the readers from EV World have shown an interest in starting a vlog so I thought I’d let you know what I know. The best place to start is at Freevlog. They will guide you through the process of starting to vlog with a series of really informative films. The other great… Continue reading Videoblogging

Our Electric Car

I’m buying an electric car and i’m planning to share the experience of ownership in a vlog. This vlog will chart the purchase and running of an electric car day to day in central London.