Ticket that Tesla

Having chased these halfway across the UK and the US, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Tesla parked in the road next to my office right here in London’s West End. Us EV drivers enjoy free parking in Westminster. I see the Tesla’s already catching out the good old parking wardens who had slapped… Continue reading Ticket that Tesla

Tango vs Tesla Drag Race

httpv://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=QwiS4t8TMlI&feature=email Jorg, my Tango owning friend has posted this great video of a drag race between a Tango and a Tesla EV. Not any old cars, but the fastest production electric vehicles in the world. Check out these times; “In this race, the Tango got 92.15mph in 14.480 seconds, beating its 14.7 “dial” handicap and… Continue reading Tango vs Tesla Drag Race

Opel Flextreme

A look at the Opel Flextreme – Europe’s version of the Chevy Volt. 40 mile range on the battery and a small engine purely for recharging purposes. They say we’ll have it by 2010. Gosh, that’s only 2 years away. Doubt we’ll even have the Smart ED and Subaru R1e by then, but there’s always… Continue reading Opel Flextreme

Tesla coming to The UK Motor Show

Good News. Tesla are coming to The UK Motor Show this year. It’ll be on show in the ‘EV Village’ where there will be around twenty battery electric vehicles. Joining it will be the new Super Light from Nice (pictured) aswell as GWiz, Elektromotive (those great charging posts) and a new manufacturer known as Quiet… Continue reading Tesla coming to The UK Motor Show

The Tesla (Part 4)

Tesla’s test and validation manager discusses driving the car in the arctic circle. Tesla, please, just listen, we need this car in the UK, it’s our only hope, don’t send it over the pond, please Tesla, please….Click on the image to view video (4.4meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging video podcast tesla

The Tesla (Part III)

Here’s where I get to meet Brian from Tesla. Brian was great – he took the time to really show me the car. The video would have benefitted from some editing (birthday parties going on around us etc..) but seeing as it’s not every day you get to meet Tesla’s test and validation manager I… Continue reading The Tesla (Part III)

The Tesla (Part II)

So here’s the second part of the Tesla showcase, where I got to see the car in more detail and took a look at the motor. Click on the image to view video (8.8 meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging video podcast tesla

The Tesla (Part 1)

Thanks to autoblog green I had a tip off that the Tesla was going to be on show for a limited number of hours today at the "green wheels motorshow" in Norwich, where the car is built. The show has been organised by Cred and carbon connections, very useful departments of the University of East… Continue reading The Tesla (Part 1)