It’s arrived!

5 months waiting and the car is finally here. They come off the ship, are taken to a base where the car is registered and the road tax is applied for (no charge for road tax on electric vehicles).  Then it’s delivered. Apologies for the wobbly cam – think I was a bit overexcited!  Click on the image to view video.


  1. hey,

    i’m enjoying the story!! and it’s good to see another uk vlogger!! we’re trying to organise a euro vlogger meetup in september.. interested?


  2. Nice REVA INDIA Electric vehicles. How far do you drive ? Where can you charge ?
    We have some Electrics in the US but the REVA is only allowed to be a neighborhood NEV Vehicle and can’t go on main streets posted over 35 mph.
    Jim Arizona USA

  3. I’m running about 8 – 10 miles per day in it. It’s good for Londons narrow streets. Charging conundrums will become part of my vlog, I’m sure! Had a look at your site by the way – some of those EV’s look fantastic.

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