Happy New Year one and all. The bad news is that Westminster/Masterpark are closing my car park along with it’s two charging bays. There’s been plenty of talk about Westminster & Camden councils installing many additional charging bays.  Whether it’s really going to happen remains to be seen. Click on the image to view video… Continue reading Unplugged

The Car got a Valentines Card

The car got a Valentine card last night! Seems as though the secret admirer is the anti 4×4 alliance.. Nice idea. It unsettled me a bit…. Click on the image to view video (2.3meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging video podcast vlog 4×4  ev

Electric car sfx

There’s been alot in the press recently about women driving these cars. In an attempt to give myself a bit more presence at the lights,  I got a CD made up of some sound effects. Click on the image to view video ..(1.8 meg QT). Links:electric car vlogging sfx video podcast vlog

Exclusive: The Queen drives an EV!

We are delighted to bring you this exclusive footage of Her Majesty the Queen driving an electric vehicle around London earlier today…Click on the image to view video. (3 meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging


Those of us who drive a quadracycle – are we subject to the same rules as a normal car driver? Click on the image to view video. (2.7 meg QT).   Links:electric car vlogging

How safe is my Reva?

Taking the car on a fast road can be a pretty hairy experience. It is classed as a quadracycle – perfect for urban streets, but how does it fair on a three lane carriageway? I’ve had emails from people asking about use on a motorway. Don’t think I’ll be vlogging that one…Click on the image… Continue reading How safe is my Reva?

The 6 month service

Had my six month service this week. They turn up in a mobile van crammed with gadgets, plug a pda into the battery unit and run some diagnostic checks, and that’s just about it! No oil change, nothing. Sometimes brake fluid levels will need topping up, but right now I dont think it could have… Continue reading The 6 month service

The boot

I took the electric car to the recycling centre. Man, this green thing must be getting to me. I didnt intend this to be a film about how wonderfully worthy I am, it was more about how much you can fit in the boot… Click on the image to view video. (3meg QT).   Links:electric… Continue reading The boot

A Portable Genny

How do you get over this charging conundrum? You make sure a huge generator follows you wherever you go. OK, it’s got environmental implications, but at least it does away with those charging and range worries… Click on the image to view video. (3.3meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging


Predicting how far you can travel on a charge can be a tricky business. Click on the image to view video..(3.8meg QT).   Links:electric car vlogging

0-62 mph

I’ve done a 0-62 mph time trial to give you an idea of the Reva’s acceleration. Trouble is, it’ll only do a maximum of 40. Click on the image to view video…   Links:electric car vlogging

The car park

Some Westminster car parks offer free electricity for electric vehicles. This is ace, quite frankly, as it does away with the worries one would normally have with range. On this particular trip I parked next to a Ford Think. I looked into buying one of these a couple of years ago but they seemed very… Continue reading The car park

The School Run

We can fit two kids in for the school run. It’s tight, depending on the amount of homework they’ve been given, but we manage. The school is at the top of a steep hill. So with four up, the cars being put through it’s paces. Click on the image to view video. (2.4 meg QT).… Continue reading The School Run

An EV passenger

Thing about these Reva’s is that they feel as though they are going alot faster than they actually are. No humans were hurt during the making of this film – but there is some mild profanity…. Click on the image to view video (4.4 meg QT)

Them pesky wardens Pt1

You drive. You find a parking meter. You park. You walk away. No scurrying about for 10 £1 coins. No rushing back at breakneck speed because you only had change for 3 mins….I must be dreaming. Click on the image to view video. (1.3 meg)


I’m in the congestion zone now, and the traffic is moving quite freely (no surprise at £8 per day). The car is fairly nippy so long as it’s in F (fast) mode. Need to keep an eye on that charge level though. Mind you, it’s been handy this week, what with an impending fuel crisis here… Continue reading Driving

It Moves Pt2 (really)

And we’re off! I can tell you – this thing is great. This morning I got a huge thumbs up from a man at the bus stop, so apart from the occasional ‘point and laugh’ it seems to be pretty popular. Mind the speed limit and those terrible road humps though….Click on the image to… Continue reading It Moves Pt2 (really)

It Moves Pt 1

I know, I know. It’s high time I drove this thing. I’m on my own now and I’m ready for the first journey. Well almost… Click on the image to view video.

Did you say water it?

So my heads beginning to swim with all this info. Where there would normally be an engine there’s a can of water. I have to remember to water the car once a week to keep the batteries in order! Click on the image to view video.

Traffic wardens

I’m struggling to come to terms with the idea that you can park for free in central London with this car. You’ll understand what I mean if you’ve ever had an altercation with a traffic warden here. Due to the terrorist attacks, there were 50,000 extra cyclists on the roads last Thursday, some of whom… Continue reading Traffic wardens

It’s arrived!

5 months waiting and the car is finally here. They come off the ship, are taken to a base where the car is registered and the road tax is applied for (no charge for road tax on electric vehicles).  Then it’s delivered. Apologies for the wobbly cam – think I was a bit overexcited!  Click… Continue reading It’s arrived!

Congested charges pt 2

So, I got there in the end. Seems as though it can happen over the phone…Alternative fuel technologies and call centres don’t always mix. By the way they put the charge up to £8 per day yesterday. Click on the image to view video.