1. Love the vBlog! What sort of range are you actually getting and do you get a warning about low juice or is the drop-off sudden? Final question – how you get heating in an electric car (I assume you need heat to defrost windows etc)?

  2. Thanks. I’m getting about 35 miles on a full charge. There is a gauge that monitors battery level – it doesnt drop off suddenly, and a light will flash to warn you that it’s time to plug in. The battery will empty faster depending on driving style, outside temperature and the weight of passengers. It can sometimes be tricky predicting how far you can get from this! The car has a good heater that warms up quicky. It has a normal rear window demister that works well. The heated seats are a great option that doesnt seem to use much juice.

  3. Hi There has the range decreased even further, my experience is around 20 miles on a full charge in the cold weather without using the heaters

  4. Hi Andy/Danny,

    Same here milage is around 20 mile with a full charge. This is also the type of range most people I have spoken to. At times I cant even get home.

  5. Yep, once that temperature light comes on, the range drops really quickly. At least this isnt happening every day at the moment, but we’ll see how it is come Jan/Feb.

  6. Hi – I have only had my Gwiz for 2 months but I can get 30 miles out of my range at the moment but this is driving in ‘e’. Which sometimes going up hills in North Ldn is awful as only going 20mph!

  7. Hi Liz,

    I also live in north Ldn. Alhtough I try and drive in ‘e’ most of the time I find going up hills in’e’ mode is dangerous as cars behind are always trying to overtake.
    Good on you for getting 30 miles on a charge. I am getting quite a bit less

  8. Hi, I have seen a review of the India version (I think it is a little short) and it says the reva range is 80-100 km with “e” mode. I think is impossible you say about 20-30 miles… something´s happen.

    And what about battery change… I read 700 € after 40.000 km… may be it´s wrong too?

  9. Hi, may be in India the G-Wiz is geting 80-100 km with “e” mode. Going Greenn admits that the cars especially in the winter only get 25-30 tops. Therefore not impossible a very realistic range on this bettery pack. How many miles are you getting??

  10. So now we’re in the depths of winter…(Happy New Year, by the way) how much is the weather effecting battery life and range? Did the recent service change anything? Does keeping it in a garage make any difference?

  11. Happy New Year to you too. Range is down now its winter (25 miles tops) but the temperature light is not on every day I get in the car, which means that sometimes it’s as normal. You need to keep more of an eye out than usual and plan your journeys but i think most G-whiz owners are used to that anyway. Recent service did not make any difference to improve the range. Garaging would help if the car was plugged in. But heck, who has a garage in this fair city?

  12. Watched a very interesting review on the G Wiz electric car last night. Tim Lovejoy from Channel 5’s Fifth Gear took to the streets of London to see if the £7,000 G Wiz was a practical enough vehicle. He found it wasn’t much use for taking the kids to school as it was a little on the small side for the children in the back but was adequate enough to get him self and his golf clubs in, so not too bad I suppose.

    It is reckoned that the £7,000 price tag for the car will pay for its self within 1 year due to the car being exempt from the congestion charge, road tax, and can be parked for free in central London. The top speed of the car is just 40 mph and can travel for 40 miles on a single charge. In my eyes this is perfected for anyone living in the central of London.

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