Talking to Dale Vince from Ecotricity about the ‘wind car’.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, a very successful wind energy electrical power company here in the UK, is building an electric car in 7 months flat. You can follow it’s progress on Dales blog over at Zero Carbonista. I filmed this interview with him last month. The first part (above) is a discussion around the… Continue reading Talking to Dale Vince from Ecotricity about the ‘wind car’.

The reality of charging EV’s in London

“Motorists will have to drive electric cars for UK to meet climate change targets.” So runs the Telegraph headline today. The reality of driving an electric vehicle here is getting harder as time goes on. There are more than 1000 vehicles on London’s roads now. Charging facilities are extremely limited, and most people do not… Continue reading The reality of charging EV’s in London

Morgan Life Car

I went to the Sexy Green Car Show at The Eden Project in Cornwall recently. The Eden Project was brilliant, but I’m not sure about their car show. They had very little of interest – just the usual major manufacturers rolling out their low emission models. But they did have the Morgan Life Car there… Continue reading Morgan Life Car

Tesla coming to The UK Motor Show

Good News. Tesla are coming to The UK Motor Show this year. It’ll be on show in the ‘EV Village’ where there will be around twenty battery electric vehicles. Joining it will be the new Super Light from Nice (pictured) aswell as GWiz, Elektromotive (those great charging posts) and a new manufacturer known as Quiet… Continue reading Tesla coming to The UK Motor Show

The Think: First Look

Got a first look at the new Think today. £14000. 125 mile range. 65 mph top speed. Lithium Polymer battery….This first clip takes a look around the car. Click on the image to view video (25 meg QT)

Congestion Charge plans. Bad news for EV’s

Ken’s made his decision on the Congestion Charge today and it’s not good for EV’s. As follows; "A 100 per cent low CO2 discount for cars that: Produce less than 120g/km CO2 and meet the Euro 4 standard for air pollution emissions OR Produce no more than 120g/km of CO2, and appear on the PowerShift… Continue reading Congestion Charge plans. Bad news for EV’s

What about the big guys?

Click on the image to view video. (4.4 meg QT) Links:electric car vlogging video podcast porsche vw  ev mercedes lotus bmw goingreen

Camden Council

Great news. Camden Council are planning on a series of charging points and free parking for electric vehicles on pay and display. I’m going to be spending some time filming them over the next few months as they implement the changes. Let’s hope Camden and Westminster serve as a catalyst for change both here and… Continue reading Camden Council


Predicting how far you can travel on a charge can be a tricky business. Click on the image to view video..(3.8meg QT).   Links:electric car vlogging

An EV passenger

Thing about these Reva’s is that they feel as though they are going alot faster than they actually are. No humans were hurt during the making of this film – but there is some mild profanity…. Click on the image to view video (4.4 meg QT)

Them pesky wardens Pt1

You drive. You find a parking meter. You park. You walk away. No scurrying about for 10 £1 coins. No rushing back at breakneck speed because you only had change for 3 mins….I must be dreaming. Click on the image to view video. (1.3 meg)


I’m in the congestion zone now, and the traffic is moving quite freely (no surprise at £8 per day). The car is fairly nippy so long as it’s in F (fast) mode. Need to keep an eye on that charge level though. Mind you, it’s been handy this week, what with an impending fuel crisis here… Continue reading Driving

Traffic wardens

I’m struggling to come to terms with the idea that you can park for free in central London with this car. You’ll understand what I mean if you’ve ever had an altercation with a traffic warden here. Due to the terrorist attacks, there were 50,000 extra cyclists on the roads last Thursday, some of whom… Continue reading Traffic wardens