1. Very funny with the Tesla and Tango showdown! But you don’t really want to live in California- they have fires, they have mudslides- but the worse is that the ground shakes…a lot:-( Now Austin, on the other hand! Someday, if you’re very, very good, you may get to visit here- of course the summers can be a tad warm, but other than that, I’ll take Austin over California any day;-)

  2. Hmmm, and the sun still shines. Ok Paul, I’ll buy into that – but what’s going on with EV’s in Austin?

  3. Sadly, not too much- there is an Austin chapter of the Electric Automobile Association, but I do not think it is very large, and I have not had the time to go to one of their rare get-togethers- but it is on my list of things to do sometime;-) But we do have a few companies that may impact the EV world, including Valence technologies, whose Li-Ion is in the Segway, I believe, and may show up in an EV over the next couple of years. We also have Actacell, a very recent startup with folks from UT whose work has influenced the Li-Ion Phosphate batteries, like A123, so this could become a significant company. And of course, we are also home to EESTOR, the secretive darkhorse of the EV power posibilities. And while this is Texas, where pickup trucks with gun racks are synonymous with the state, Austin is extremely high-tech and forward thinking, so I am hopeful that we shall see more acceptance for EV’s here than other parts of the state.

  4. Oh- and one more things about Austin- here we are in the middle of November, and the high tomorrow will be about 73 degrees F (I’ll let you do the Celsius conversion;-)

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