Toyota FT EV Video

Toyota have been showing off their pure electric FT EV. Phew, I was beginning to think Toyota were going to miss the boat on that one… It’ll make a nice little city EV. Bring ’em on Toyota! Here’s a chat with Dirk from Toyota Germany. Click on the image to view video..(5 mins)



  1. Toyota did indeed do EV’s before- inc. the pure electric RAV4-EV – seen in the film “Who killed the electric car” and it did 120 miles on a charge with 70mph top speed- and that’s a big heavy SUV!
    see the youtube vids by user “liveoilfree”- he has one.
    it used the Panasonic EV95 NiMH battery that Chevron bought the patent to off GM and had shut down.

  2. Of course! I’d forgotten all about the RAV4. That was dumb of me. I remember seeing it in “Who killed the electric car”. Toyota UK had been playing their cards pretty close to their chest until this arrived at the Detroit motor show, so it was a surprise to see it. Of course since the news went crazy this week, every manufacturer is now launching an EV for 2011!

    Liked your music, by the way – I checked out your myspace.

  3. looking at your blog, ElectricNick-
    “the Mayor of Long Beach, California drives his Toyota RAV4 EV to work everyday”
    all RAV4EV owners, especially one in government, should be publicising this vehicle to the max to push it into public awareness that all the necessary technology has been around for years- this would force Toyota to relaunch EVs- as opposed to pretending it isn’t possible yet.

  4. I just found out Toyota is definitely recalling all vehicles as a result of gas pedal malfunctions . My friend has a Prius, can the vehicle be driven before the repair?

  5. The new Buick Regal is based on the Opel Insignia. Is the Astra not a smaller vehicle?

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