Ecorally ’10. Roger Saul,Kevin McCloud in Think EV and EV Cup

Roger Saul (top man from Mulberry) and Kevin McCloud (famous sustainable housebuilder from the telly) were driving Think EV’s at Ecorally ’10. I got a chance to have a chat with them both about how they felt about the car and the forthcoming EV Cup, which looks great.

Click on the image to view video.


  1. Thanks for the videos on the EcoRally, Danny- especially this one on the Think- a lot of data from the drivers of it help to give a better picture of how it performs- and it sounds like it performs pretty well! Hopefully they can get the cost down, however, in order to compete with the Leaf and Volt (or Ampera there). So what do you think? (pun intended) Will you trade in the old GWiz for a new Think;-)

  2. Well, it certainly is impressive Paul. But I don’t think I’ll be trading just yet.. I’m 5 years on the same set of batteries in the gwiz now and it feels as though there’s still life left. Sorely tempting as it is!

  3. Wow! 5 years on the batteries- aren’t the Gwiz batteries lead-acid? If so, that is very impressive. The batteries in my Lawn Mower (at least the first set) only lasted two:-( Well, if you can wait a couple of years, you will have more options, and hopefully at a lower cost with more range. Shoot- for the videos you do, maybe one of the manufacturers will donate one to you- seems fair to me;-)

  4. Hey Danny,

    Thank you for coming to film again. Keep up the good work- more people are starting to consider people like us aren’t so bonkers now but we need people like you to keep flying the flag!


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