Ecorally. Talking to Peter Curran. 4500 miles in a Think EV

I was down at the ecorally yesterday talking to Peter Curran about his 4500 mile odessy in a Think EV as part of a programme for the BBC called Electric Ride. He ended the trip driving from Brighton to London with a host of low carbon vehicles. He’s an interesting and entertaining guy and he… Continue reading Ecorally. Talking to Peter Curran. 4500 miles in a Think EV

The Think: First Look

Got a first look at the new Think today. £14000. 125 mile range. 65 mph top speed. Lithium Polymer battery….This first clip takes a look around the car. Click on the image to view video (25 meg QT)


A think got me thinking (sorry..) yesterday about the new model that’s coming to our shores in the near future. Looks like it’ll be a great little car but there’s a question mark over charge times. With a Wiz you can do an 80% battery charge in 2 hours – something we often need to… Continue reading Think

The car park

Some Westminster car parks offer free electricity for electric vehicles. This is ace, quite frankly, as it does away with the worries one would normally have with range. On this particular trip I parked next to a Ford Think. I looked into buying one of these a couple of years ago but they seemed very… Continue reading The car park