1. Hi Danny! I tried to play the Twizzy video a few times over the last month- but keep getting a Blip message- thought it was just the one video, but now get the same message on your older videos as well. A cursory look tells me Blip.tv is a video hostin site, but I did not see any sort of plug-in- am I missing something? Thanks!

  2. Update- it is in IE9 that the Blip message appears and does not run- however, the Quicktime plugin is fine in Google Chrome- go figure!

    So you think the Twizzy will do okay in Rainy ole London? At least for the driver if not the passenger;-) GM has a similar Low Speed vehicle (the GEM?)- I wonder how the two stack up against each other. And I see you have sprouted some growth on your chin- you wear it well- you looked way too youthful before anyway…

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