1. Thanks Sandro,

    So I see! When are Reva launching in Milan? Any plans for other Italian cities?

  2. Hey man,
    I like your vblog. It’s cool. I already bookmark your web.

    In addition, you r doing something good too. I wish we had electrical vehicle (cheaper one)!!!!

  3. Reva is selled in Milano from this summer, now i dont think there are other italian city.

    May be in the future.

  4. Dan great site. Hope to see you soon. What a week eh? Neill

  5. Hey,
    I linked to your site from the ‘goingreen’ website -so clearly they love your PR! Can I ask your opinion? I’m keen to get an electric car for the usual reasons (better for the world, cheaper for me), but I don’t live in London. I’m in Sussex and my daily journey (about 8 miles each way) would see me driving on motorways with the national speedlimit. It looks like this little car only goes about 40 miles an hour – have you had yours out on the open road? Do you think it would be a problem for that kind of journey? I’d be fab to get an opnion from a first hand experience – let me know what you think.

  6. I think you would struggle with a motorway. I took it on the North Circular at night and it was pretty scary when traffic was merging from the inside at high speed. However they claim that faster cars are on the horizon….. Good luck!

  7. Hey, trish
    i’d concur with Danny’s comment on the motorway question. But (sorry to be obvious) if you have any sort of alternative route… I can confirm from my own 13 miles to work etc., that what you might call the ‘Gwiz driving experience’ far outweighs any lost seconds or minutes. Just a part of the change in my ‘driving mentality’ I’ve noticed after driving one for a few months!

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