An EV passenger

Thing about these Reva’s is that they feel as though they are going alot faster than they actually are. No humans were hurt during the making of this film – but there is some mild profanity…. Click on the image to view video (4.4 meg QT)


  1. wow, looks like fun what speed are you actually going in this video? what is the top speed of these cars (practically speaking)?

  2. my Gwiz goes 51mph down some hills in the New Forest. (do not tell goingreen…)
    on bbcR4 this evening (also podcast, title – ‘inbusiness’, v.good) I heard about new Gwiz batteries due out next year – we’ll then get that sort of speed on the flat, apparently, and more than 60 mile range. That’ll see the little marvels break out of the cities…

  3. I came across your site because I am interested in getting an electric car next year. My wife and I laughed so much at the fear in your passengers voice and the parking wardens frustration. Brilliant.

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