Opel Flextreme

A look at the Opel Flextreme – Europe’s version of the Chevy Volt. 40 mile range on the battery and a small engine purely for recharging purposes. They say we’ll have it by 2010. Gosh, that’s only 2 years away. Doubt we’ll even have the Smart ED and Subaru R1e by then, but there’s always hope….

I’m back to posting some of my remaining BMS footage. I have a ton of content to cutdown and upload (including a trip in a Tango and a Tesla. Yeeeeehaaaa!).

Click on the image to view video.



  1. Hi Danny! Caught your interview on the EVCast here in the US, and have enjoyed visiting your site. I especially was excited to see that GM is planning using the Volt technology world-wide- this is very good news indeed, and bodes well I think for the success of the Volt/Opel Flexstreme, and may also help in bringing down the costs of the batteries used, and thus, the cost of the cars. A couple of qustions, if you happened to come across the answers there- first, what is the projected cost of th Opel, if known yet, and is the Opel Flexstreme shown the final design, or still the concept car, like they are still the showing the concept car in the US for the Volt- except forthe peek from the Transformers movies set, of course;-)

    Thanks! (or as y’all might close out a post- cheers!)

  2. ARRGGHH! Forgive my sloppy typing above- it’s late here. I really need an edit button for sites I respond too, er, to;-)

  3. Hi Paul,

    This was still at concept stage. Couldn’t get a price out if them – I did ask but they weren’t keen to give me an answer….!

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