Vauxhall Opel Ampera preview

A load of bloggers (and a vlogger!) were invited to the Vauxhall Ampera launch at the Geneva Motor show… The car will run on battery alone and run 60km on plug in only, but it also has a range extending engine built in that charges the batteries, similar to the Chevy Volt. Nice idea…great looking… Continue reading Vauxhall Opel Ampera preview

Opel Flextreme

A look at the Opel Flextreme – Europe’s version of the Chevy Volt. 40 mile range on the battery and a small engine purely for recharging purposes. They say we’ll have it by 2010. Gosh, that’s only 2 years away. Doubt we’ll even have the Smart ED and Subaru R1e by then, but there’s always… Continue reading Opel Flextreme

Opel Flextreme (Part ii)

Here’s some more pictures and detail of the Flextreme. Autoblog Green are reporting on similar releases from Dodge and even an EV Jeep Renegade. Don’t let’s get too excited. Each and everyone is a concept right now and we may well be driving a lead acid g-wiz for years to come! Click on an image… Continue reading Opel Flextreme (Part ii)

Opel Flextreme

Is this really happening? Are some of the mainstream manufacturers really spending more time and money on EV technologies?   Detroit 2008 seems to be heralding a whole range of EV concepts. The big guys seem to be concentrating on using EV and battery technology but charging those batteries with an on board generator (usually diesel… Continue reading Opel Flextreme